Thursday, 2 October 2008

Season of socks and mellow knitfulness

My yarn dyeing turned all autumnal and dropped off a tree this week. I dyed up a red and green combination after glancing over the wall and seeing Mrs Virginia Creeper in a back garden.


She gets into a lot of back gardens round here. We had to get an injunction out on her to stop her getting into our shed through the roof felt. Anyway. I dyed this.


Still life with apples, yarn and more stuff off the ground! The apples are Red Devils from our local farm shop (the best farm shop in the world because it has a fibreglass cow coming out of the building).They're pink inside too, which because I am pleased by small things, pleases me immensely...


And now for something completely different.

That's Terry Gilliam's autumnal animation from The Meaning of Life. (any opportunity to crowbar in a bit of Gilliam. Apologies). Moving swiftly back to knitting:


I think the Foliage 'n' Fruit combination's a winner. Watch this space for colourways inspired by: Spotted Laurel and Banana; Filbert and Pineapple Chunks (on a bed of wilted Daphne); Mugwort and Cling Peaches...or maybe you have your own favourite fruit'n'foliage medley (don't we all, folks?) you'd like to see expressed via the medium of knitting? Answers on a tin of fruit cocktail to the usual address...


  1. Yummy! I want to eat that colourway!

  2. This colourway is beautiful and I adore the way you matched it to the pink-staining apples (very pleasing indeed) and the Virginia Creeper which has always awed me with its beautiful foliage!

  3. That is seriously tasty yarn, lady!
    I'm now in need of some pies, full of mistiness and mellow fruitful goodness ;)

  4. Oh that's so beautiful! It might be my favourite yarn yet. I know it's not fruit + foliage, but navy and mustard would work for me very nicely. Or teal and navy. Yum.


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