Thursday, 30 October 2008

Dyeing to spin

Mine's a pint, landlord!


What a good night out that was. And it resulted in a pile of dyed roving, strangely enough.

Jug of roving

The colours were inspired by a gorgeous scarf in a copy of Spin Off Magazine which my pal Rosie kindly gave me (thanks Rosie!!). The pattern is Morning Surf Scarf which is designed for handspun yarn. Even handspun yarn with lumps, bumps and dog hair in it. 

Roving and mag

I've made friends with my spinning wheel again (we had a chat about the Itchy Yarn Incident and agreed to put it behind us) so here goes...

Roving and wheel

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  1. Yum - they look quite tasty all heaped in a bowl like that.


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