Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Incredible! Finished Objects! (IFO's!)

Look! I actually finished stuff!

Blue flowery dress 

Here's the blue flowery thing that used to be a skirt. It's billowing in the wind here so looks a bit crumpled, but it's a dress, honest! One day I'll get a mannequin thingy so I can show things off better. Oh and probably sew things better.

Broccoli dress 

And here's the finished Broccoli dress! I'm pleased with how both these turned out. Dresses, not pictures that is (look at this dress's sloping shoulders! ha! I think it's a dodgy coat-hanger...) I'm making a start on another one in this Kaffe fabric, which I possess thanks to the wonder of Ebay. I sold a whole load of Crap From The Attic on ebay, and spent the resulting paypal cash on two metres of this:

Starry fabric 

What's that you say? An Iron? Pshaw! it's not that kind of blog! I'm not ironing stuff 'til I have to lay out the pattern on it :) Then I might think about it. 

Meanwhile in Nature's my favourite tree from my daily Dylan walks.


I think it's an oak, but there it stands, all solitary like. Love it. It's not just any old tree though. This tree is famous. Look closer:


Yes, that's right! It's a famous BBC TREE! He's also a star in the US:


sigh. Loltrees. A whole new genre of internet fun! No, really!

Thanks for all your nice comments and emails and stuff after the last post. I'm feeling a bit better thanks...getting there slowly - ha, how else could I get there?! arf arf :)

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

The 'roid to happiness...

I don't usually blog about illness and misery but hahahahaha I'm going to do so today! lolz!! Well, there I was, tired all the time

Dog tired

inexplicably emotional


and generally on a bit of a


 Doctor says 'oh, that's ok, nothing to worry about. You're just mental. Have some pills'. After a while the pills didn't seem to work. So I ask for a blood test (doctor: 'Are you sure you want us to do this test? You don't really need it?') and it turns out I've actually got thyroid problems! Now then, say the word Thyroid and being a Yorkshirewoman I think of Thyroyd as being, perhaps, a small town near Huddersfield (Welcome to Thyroyd! You'll never leave! er, because you'll be too tired to) or something. Or worse, High Royds, an infamous psychiatric hospital/former asylum (kind of fitting, given how I feel!) But it turns out that my Thyroid is actually a


shaped gland in my


which is too bloody lazy to make enough of some hormone or other (ie, it's hypothyroid, fact fans!) so it leaves me feeling like a


unable to do basic tasks such as

Dynamic housewife

let alone

Dyeing wool

or even

Email cat

Anyway. I have some Levothyroxine pills to take every morning, and apparently they should be working soon (I just love the jovial uncertainty of medicine. 21st century and things 'should start to work soon') so normal service should be resumed in a few weeks, with any luck. I hope you'll forgive my blog neglect, stitch'n'bitch absenteeism and email pants-ness in the meantime :) Right...I think I need a lie-down...


Monday, 6 July 2009

Sewing and knitting. What else?!

I've been raiding my wardrobe and slashing everything into pieces again :) I'm stuck for summery tops so over the past few evenings I've been sitting unpicking some old skirts and then turning them into dresses.


This dress which I'm just hemming used to be a maxi skirt - I think it's a 70's fabric. As a long skirt it was a bit headache-inducing. But if you thought that was bad - take a look at these...


Yikes! Pass the Imigran! Look at those patterns! I wonder if they were curtains even before they were made into skirts...! Needless to say the effect when spread out over 3ft of lower body is, um, like being hit in the eyes by a big flowery THING. And no-one wants that. So they're going to be transformed into pinafore dresses. And if that fails, special dusters :)

Enough of all this sewing malarkey, anyone would think I couldn't hold two sticks and some yarn and call it knitting! Here are my wips:


An Odd Couple! The one on the left is for Mr Yaffle, who looks disapprovingly whenever I pick up the one on the right, which is for me. Mine is in Bowl of Petunias, and Paul's is in one which I'm thinking of putting in the shop. (both a bit brighter in real life - that's me not using my f-stops properly like) I often mess around with the dyes to see what happens. Sometimes, er, sludge I don't tend to knit with those skeins...but sometimes I get a happy accident, which is what the red and yellow is. I like the way they're spiralling - it fascinates me how it can spiral in my hands, but give it to another knitter and it will turn into stripes. I'm just waiting for the face of Richard Dawkins to appear in one of them and invite his followers round to worship it. (oh ok, so I saw that joke on Mitchell and Webb - but theirs was in a Melon, not a sock) Let me know if you get a skein which does that, ok??