Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Incredible! Finished Objects! (IFO's!)

Look! I actually finished stuff!

Blue flowery dress 

Here's the blue flowery thing that used to be a skirt. It's billowing in the wind here so looks a bit crumpled, but it's a dress, honest! One day I'll get a mannequin thingy so I can show things off better. Oh and probably sew things better.

Broccoli dress 

And here's the finished Broccoli dress! I'm pleased with how both these turned out. Dresses, not pictures that is (look at this dress's sloping shoulders! ha! I think it's a dodgy coat-hanger...) I'm making a start on another one in this Kaffe fabric, which I possess thanks to the wonder of Ebay. I sold a whole load of Crap From The Attic on ebay, and spent the resulting paypal cash on two metres of this:

Starry fabric 

What's that you say? An Iron? Pshaw! it's not that kind of blog! I'm not ironing stuff 'til I have to lay out the pattern on it :) Then I might think about it. 

Meanwhile in Nature's my favourite tree from my daily Dylan walks.


I think it's an oak, but there it stands, all solitary like. Love it. It's not just any old tree though. This tree is famous. Look closer:


Yes, that's right! It's a famous BBC TREE! He's also a star in the US:


sigh. Loltrees. A whole new genre of internet fun! No, really!

Thanks for all your nice comments and emails and stuff after the last post. I'm feeling a bit better thanks...getting there slowly - ha, how else could I get there?! arf arf :)


  1. You're very silly and very funny! xxxx

  2. Glad you are feeling better! Love the broccoli dress - it's mad!

  3. What pretty fabrics! Thanks for the kind comments on my blog. Hope you found the pics of your yarn! I just adore the gorgeous colours. Keep on dyeing!! :D

  4. Loltrees! OMG! How cool would that be?!
    Those dresses are amazing, hope to see you modelling them soon :D

  5. Hey:-) cute dresses and wonderful tree. Trees are soooo fab:-)

  6. Hey lady - top sewing!
    To have simultaneously gotten rid of Crap in the Attic, and to be rejoicing in new fabric is an excellent thing; will look forward to seeing you modelling the new makes soon ;)
    Quality tree spotting too; love it!

  7. Hello,
    Thank you for popping by and your lovey comments.
    That tree is just amazing!!
    Love Michala x

  8. I adore that dress too my fav colours.x


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