Monday, 4 April 2011

Wardrobe enhancement!

Fings wot I made earlier! I had a couple of winter weddings to go to earlier in the year and needed something nice to wear that wasn't my usual uniform of dog-walking jeans and jumper, so I took this bit of Philip Jacobs fabric...

and with some help from Simplicity 6776 I made this:

(yes, that is a patch of tester paint on the wall ;-) it's been there for 4 years now, almost to the day!)

Definitely my favourite dress, but it's useless for dog-walking and clambering over barbed wire when retrieving the dog! I spend most of my days in muddy non-glamour so it's nice to dress up occasionally, even if it is in Philip Jacobs quilting fabric! My next project is more 1970s:

I've been collecting  Gunne Sax patterns to turn into a kind of folksy-franken-maxi-dress (catchy!) using different elements of each pattern. Won't be using Kaffe or Philip (first name terms, man!!) for this one either since it needs about 6 metres of the stuff! forget that!! I've chosen a vintage-looking purple fabric and oodles of lace and red ribbon. I'll post some work in progress pics (featuring a new olympic sport, the 100 metre frill-gathering race) when I can find a tidy corner of my room. I am going to end up looking like a wench from a medieval battle re-enactment. Or 'folksy', 'boho', or simply 'Wendy Craig', depending on what your view of the frilly side of the 70s is...;-)