Thursday, 17 February 2011

woof. woof woof woof yap. woof.

Woof, arf. Wuf arf yappy yappy raaaaoooooowf. Yap. Yappy yap yap. (this goes on for a bit, usually in the back garden).
Loosely translated as:
My owner is a Very Bad Blogger. I've had so much to tell you about tennis balls, the dogs in the village, sticks, yaffles, chasing birds, eating yarn etc. and it's not like I can post here. Look at these paws! You can't expect 60 wpm typing, can you? anyway, I've had a word and my owner says she'll be blogging soon. She's had a lot on. Busy, apparently. Too busy to play ball with me sometimes! outrageous! Woof.