Friday, 7 May 2010

Just a quick post...

.... to let you know there's a shop update if you fancy popping over to look! There are delicious colours like this one (Flowers in the Rain it's called. Although I'm not really a fan of The Move...!)

and this one, which was inspired by the Greater Spotted Woodpeckers I sometimes see on my walks with Trixie:

Speaking of which...look at this innocent face:

and now look just a little bit closer:

The very definition of a Mucky Pup! She's a terrier...ergo she loves to was only a matter of time, and now the garden looks like a flippin' Miniature Golf course! Good job I'm not a fan of immaculate lawns anyway...worms, daisies, moles (we haven't had any visitors yet) and moss are all welcome. Trixie trenches less so but...ah well!

Thanks for your nice comments on the last post. Glad you liked the book recommendation - it was a great read, did you got round to reading it, Josie & Minniemoll? It was on the antiques roadshow, yes! years ago I think? Alexandra, moving buildings sounds amazing, just like the book. I'll look out for those documentaries! Ooh thanks for nice photo comments Ros and Alexandra...I'm no real photographer but I like a good blue sky :) there's some blossom in the garden expect a slideshow of that soon, lol :) see you soon x