Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Bloggus Neglecticus

I've been suffering from a bad case of Blogger's Neglect. Truth is, I've been trying to avoid the internet! Well, not entirely of course. I mean I've been avoiding those sites like FaceTwit, Betsy, DoomTube, Rabblery, etc etc. - the ones that suck you in before spitting you out in an exhausted heap seven hours later, minus your self-esteem, entire day, sanity and money. So here's a brief snippet of what I've been doing instead (click for bigger):

I knitted, went for walks, embroidered, joined the Cloud Appreciation Society, tidied threads and fabric, and read a lot of library books (not pictured. You know what books look like) and lots of other things I forgot to take pictures of! I got so much done, it's been like a holiday. All the stuff I used to do before the internet came along! Trixie's been doing a lot more too, since she's not been on Dogblog, DoggySpace and DogBook:

It's been a lovely 'holiday' from the internet! Try it, go on! :)
I've updated the shop (I did have to use the internet for that, hehehe) - have a look! This is my fave from this month's selection...

It's called Marsh Mallow. Named after the flowers I've been seeing on our walks! See you soon! A xxx