Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Bloggus Neglecticus

I've been suffering from a bad case of Blogger's Neglect. Truth is, I've been trying to avoid the internet! Well, not entirely of course. I mean I've been avoiding those sites like FaceTwit, Betsy, DoomTube, Rabblery, etc etc. - the ones that suck you in before spitting you out in an exhausted heap seven hours later, minus your self-esteem, entire day, sanity and money. So here's a brief snippet of what I've been doing instead (click for bigger):

I knitted, went for walks, embroidered, joined the Cloud Appreciation Society, tidied threads and fabric, and read a lot of library books (not pictured. You know what books look like) and lots of other things I forgot to take pictures of! I got so much done, it's been like a holiday. All the stuff I used to do before the internet came along! Trixie's been doing a lot more too, since she's not been on Dogblog, DoggySpace and DogBook:

It's been a lovely 'holiday' from the internet! Try it, go on! :)
I've updated the shop (I did have to use the internet for that, hehehe) - have a look! This is my fave from this month's selection...

It's called Marsh Mallow. Named after the flowers I've been seeing on our walks! See you soon! A xxx


  1. Aww your pictures are gorgeous as always. Welcome back to the internet!

  2. Lovely pictures, looks like your time away has done you lots of good but I'm happy to see new yarn and new pictures of that adorable pup!

  3. I love the multi-coloured cardigan at the bottom left of your photo montage. More details, please! Trixie looks full of energy!

  4. Lovely post....made me smile! You and Trixie have been busy. I, too, love the cardi in the bottom lefthand corner. Such pretty colours. Lovely new yarn, by the way. Ros

  5. I love the cardigan too, is it Liesl? Trixie is gorgeous!!

  6. Wow! Beautiful pictures! Love the cardigan :) Is that a sock in Kingfisher? The color is gorgeous!

  7. Good to hear from you - and to see Trixie girl - again! Your pics are so beautiful and inspiring!
    We have just got back from Devon (yes, rhymes with 'heaven') and those blue skies and gorgeous landscapes are very familiar ;)
    love rxxx


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