Monday, 6 July 2009

Sewing and knitting. What else?!

I've been raiding my wardrobe and slashing everything into pieces again :) I'm stuck for summery tops so over the past few evenings I've been sitting unpicking some old skirts and then turning them into dresses.


This dress which I'm just hemming used to be a maxi skirt - I think it's a 70's fabric. As a long skirt it was a bit headache-inducing. But if you thought that was bad - take a look at these...


Yikes! Pass the Imigran! Look at those patterns! I wonder if they were curtains even before they were made into skirts...! Needless to say the effect when spread out over 3ft of lower body is, um, like being hit in the eyes by a big flowery THING. And no-one wants that. So they're going to be transformed into pinafore dresses. And if that fails, special dusters :)

Enough of all this sewing malarkey, anyone would think I couldn't hold two sticks and some yarn and call it knitting! Here are my wips:


An Odd Couple! The one on the left is for Mr Yaffle, who looks disapprovingly whenever I pick up the one on the right, which is for me. Mine is in Bowl of Petunias, and Paul's is in one which I'm thinking of putting in the shop. (both a bit brighter in real life - that's me not using my f-stops properly like) I often mess around with the dyes to see what happens. Sometimes, er, sludge I don't tend to knit with those skeins...but sometimes I get a happy accident, which is what the red and yellow is. I like the way they're spiralling - it fascinates me how it can spiral in my hands, but give it to another knitter and it will turn into stripes. I'm just waiting for the face of Richard Dawkins to appear in one of them and invite his followers round to worship it. (oh ok, so I saw that joke on Mitchell and Webb - but theirs was in a Melon, not a sock) Let me know if you get a skein which does that, ok??


  1. The red one looks like its the Gryffindor colours! Totally Harry Potter :D

  2. Booo to Gryffindor, Elle. Go Hufflepuff!

  3. hahaha! If I did a range of Harry Potter yarns, they'd sue my arse off, lol...Warner bros...probably sued Marx Brothers for using the word Brothers...argh! hmmm, tempting though...


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