Tuesday, 14 July 2009

The 'roid to happiness...

I don't usually blog about illness and misery but hahahahaha I'm going to do so today! lolz!! Well, there I was, tired all the time

Dog tired

inexplicably emotional


and generally on a bit of a


 Doctor says 'oh, that's ok, nothing to worry about. You're just mental. Have some pills'. After a while the pills didn't seem to work. So I ask for a blood test (doctor: 'Are you sure you want us to do this test? You don't really need it?') and it turns out I've actually got thyroid problems! Now then, say the word Thyroid and being a Yorkshirewoman I think of Thyroyd as being, perhaps, a small town near Huddersfield (Welcome to Thyroyd! You'll never leave! er, because you'll be too tired to) or something. Or worse, High Royds, an infamous psychiatric hospital/former asylum (kind of fitting, given how I feel!) But it turns out that my Thyroid is actually a


shaped gland in my


which is too bloody lazy to make enough of some hormone or other (ie, it's hypothyroid, fact fans!) so it leaves me feeling like a


unable to do basic tasks such as

Dynamic housewife

let alone

Dyeing wool

or even

Email cat

Anyway. I have some Levothyroxine pills to take every morning, and apparently they should be working soon (I just love the jovial uncertainty of medicine. 21st century and things 'should start to work soon') so normal service should be resumed in a few weeks, with any luck. I hope you'll forgive my blog neglect, stitch'n'bitch absenteeism and email pants-ness in the meantime :) Right...I think I need a lie-down...



  1. Well, it's good that t'quack has sorted you out. Finally. After giving you pills for something completely different. (Have you kicked him/her yet?)
    I feel a tad unwell now. Sore throat and ears. C'mon swine flu! There's another Ashes test starting on Thursday...

  2. Ah, hon, bummer!
    But good that they finally got it sussed.
    Take care,

  3. Hope you soon feel better! Love the pics! SNOOPYDOG

  4. Trial by GP - quelle joie. Hope you feel better soon!
    Loved the picture story :)


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