Sunday, 5 October 2008

The itchy and scratchy show

It seemed like a good idea at the time. To dye some roving that was a wool/nylon blend, then spin it up into lovely, strong sock yarn (just like the real thing!) Such a great idea.


And all the while I was dyeing this, and spinning it up, there was this weird, soundtrack-like background noise. A bit like a foreboding, sinister Bernard Hermann score. I couldn't work it out. When I stopped spinning, it stopped. And when I started spinning again, it carried on. I oiled my wheel, turned the telly up a bit and put it down to over-tiredness and too much wine. And then after the sample was all plied up and ready to knit with, it dawned on me as the yarn revealed its true self (and the soundtrack reached an alarming crescendo. Or it could've been the same moment the dog chose to knock the vase off the window-sill, not sure).


Horror-yarn that has all the softness and light fluffy texture of a used Brillo Pad. I can't spin fast enough or give the yarn enough twist so that the nylon lies flat. It just pokes itself out and sulks, refusing to make friends with the wool. Big machines can spin so fast that this doesn't happen, presumably, because the manufactured 80/20 I've been dyeing is perfectly soft and lovely! You wouldn't want to knit anything apart from a hair shirt with what I spun yesterday. Anyone know of a 'Knit Hair Shirts for Lowly Ascetics and Bald Hedgehogs' campaign I can participate in? argh!!!


  1. Eek - what a shame. The colourway is lush!
    Should I be apologising for the horror...?? Is this the deee-lightful roving that I gave you?
    I'm so sorry if it's turned out to be a pile of disgustingness :(

  2. I'm in love with those colours!

  3. Oh no, Ruth it wasn't your roving! Nope, the fault is entirely mine. I handed over the cash for it and brought it home... duuuuhhhhrrrr. Now I can boast of a yarn with 'more itch per inch than your average yarn'!
    Elle - glad you like the colours. I'll try and make some soft yarn in the same colours next time!! :-)

  4. Do you have any people you dislike who are expecting a Christmas present from you?
    I am planning to knit a cat sweater. She wouldn't mind the itchy - with all her fur, the yarn would never touch her skin.


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