Monday, 15 March 2010

Monkeying around!

Astonishingly, I finished one of my Monkey socks! I loved knitting this. Although, according to addled brain, not quite enough to start the other one just yet, as is always the per usual brain and hands wandered off into a crochet-stash-blanket reverie. No sign of them yet...(or the other sock for that matter).

Being the matching accessory type, I thought I'd team the solitary sock up with a different type of knitted monkey:

 The other accessory available for this wardrobe is, of course, this perfect Little Monkey:


Monkey-tastic! Now I just have to finish start that notorious Second Sock. I wonder how long the other sock will be in coming...what's the record, do you think?!

To finish up, here's an aptly-themed pop quiz, pop-pickers! Which band is this...?!

(it's all in the head-gear)...


  1. Ooh, I love the way your sock has worked out. I do like this pattern, might make me another pair! And your 'Monkees' shot at the end is just great! Love the Mike Naismith (?) hat!

  2. Love this! I think Trixie is a fan of the Monkey sock(s) too ;)
    Cute knitted chaps too (nice modelling of headwear)... everybody sing along now "Hey, hey! We're The Monkees!"
    Ruth x

  3. That yarn is gorgeous. It works really well with the 'Monkey Socks' pattern. So glad I bought a skein. Can't bear to use it yet though! It's just so lovely. Give Trixie a stroke for me. Ros

  4. Ooh cool sock - and I love your shoes! Perfect for showing off handknit socks! Are they Docs?

  5. Lol!! Loving all the monkeys! :)

  6. Rhi - yes they're Docs :) can't wear anything else on my feet!!

    Lol, josiekitten & Ruth - it is the Monkees... I'm that sad I had to knit a hat for the Mike Monkey. The smallest one is Davy Jones of course. sad sad sad...:)

    Snoopydog and Ozzy - thank you :) I'm pleased the colour went with the pattern! Can't wait to see what you knit with yours :)

  7. Ps do you youngsters know what a 'pop picker' is? Alan Freeman! Anyone my age listen to that? ooh the old days...


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