Friday, 26 February 2010

How to knit with your puppy! A handy cut out and keep guide!

1.Take your puppy and place it well out of the way of knitting.

2. Knit smaller.

3. Don't start ambitious projects.

These are Monkey socks. Bearing in mind the word sock and  the phrase 'pattern other than stocking stitch'  have never appeared together on the same playbill in this house, this is ambitious on a grand scale. I may regret this.

4. Get other people to knit for you.

These lovelies are from my kind and talented friend Elle. She made them with Hummingbird colourway too! (I love them, Elle, thanks :D ) Hmm, these were a surprise...I wonder how much a commission would be?!

5. See (1) - a reminder for all those not present at the beginning of this lecture - keep puppy away from knitting!

6. Accept fact that Monkey socks may not see completion until 2011. 

Oh, yeah, hilarious!!


  1. Awww the puppy is adorable! Maybe she can come visit when we get our new house?! Glad you like the socks, I wanted to do something nice for you, and you always say you never have time for anything other than stocking stitch socks :) Big hugs!

  2. Oh my word! That's such a lovely post. I'll take your advice! Oscar has already sneaked a ball of wool away on several occasions and tried to wrap himself up in the ripple blanket that I am in the process of making. I am determind to teach him not to touch them, rather than keep moving things out of sight. Your puppy looks so so sweet!!!! They're such good company aren't they! Have a great weekend. Ros

  3. Good luck! I have a cat who is often determined to sit on my lap whilst I'm knitting, but at least I can trust him with the balls of wool!

  4. the adorable puppy has certainly stolen the show :o) i tried to concentrate on the socks, really i did. soooooo sweet!!! awww bless his/her? little cotton socks xxx


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