Monday, 1 February 2010

A 'tail' with a happy ending!

Thank you so much for all your comments and thoughts on my last post, you're all very kind :) It was so sad for a while back there, but we are OK now, thank you, and life in the Yaffle house is already looking a lot happier. You see, we couldn't cope without a dog around the place (what? No-one to babble onto while I'm working? No-one to listen to me play piano and appreciate it? No one to chatter inanely to while dyeing? Nah, I couldn't cope). So we now have this little mite to keep us company.

Her name is Trixie, and she's 9 weeks old. If you're a doggy person you'll understand just how empty your house feels after a dog has gone...and how you can't replace your beloved pet but you can, somehow, if you're feeling up to it, replace the 'dogginess'.  (if only you could do that with dear departed humans. I'll rent out Michael Palin for a dad, and possibly Maureen Lipman for mum please. A side order of Tony Benn as a replacement grandad would be ok too, when do you think you can deliver? Tuesday? oh that's great! thanks!)

 Trixie is already showing an early appreciation of handmade blankets and cushions.

And enjoys the occasional cotton reel too.

She's really quite tiny. Here's our remote control to give you a sense of scale...

Her favourite foods are old, knotted socks

And of course hands and fingers - nomnomnom!

Expect more gratuitous pup pics soon...I've yet to find a way to do the dyeing while she's on the loose so that should make for interesting images...!


  1. Oh she's sooooo sweet! So glad to hear you have decided to replace the 'dogginess'. I've waited 25 years to replcae our 'dogginess'. We went to see our new little friend yesterday and are picking him up in a couple of weeks time. '' post some pics of him on Wednesday evening. If you're a doggy person, life is just incomplete without one!!!! I'm so excited, I can't think of anything else. Enjoy! Ros

  2. What a little cutie! (And that's coming from a 'cat' person too!)I'm glad she's showing appreciation of all things woolly!

  3. Oh, what a sweetie! We haven't dared to try to replace the dogginess in our house, and two and a half years on it still sometimes feels very empty.

    I wish you many wonderful times with your new friend!

  4. Ahhhhh, she's soooo cute, and that's from a hen person, he he:-)
    I'd get absolutely nothing done with that amount of cuteness about the place!
    Love the crocheted blankie btw:-)

  5. Absolutely Adorable!!


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