Sunday, 14 February 2010

Dog ownership is bad for your knitting!

It's true and I can prove it! Here's what I knitted/finished off during the time we were without our Dylan:


And here's what I've managed to knit while we've had Trixie.
I've also managed a paltry amount of dyeing this week, and I think some of this lack is attributable to a certain little minx.

I swear she's laughing at me in the picture below - right after I've cleaned up the chaos of tangled yarn and dog-spittle covered knitting and skeins (don't worry, that's my sample skein you see there, she doesn't get to clamp her jaws around the Good Stuff for sale, kept under lock and key. Imagine the complaints I'd get!) 

In between picking her off the box of mis-dyes (tasty, apparently) and getting her out of the box of dyeing pots, I managed to dye a few skeins. My fave this month is definitely Festival:


I was thinking of Glastonbury tie-dyed outfits (some of which I am partial to myself. In fact, it's probably better to call this skein Ali but there you go) when dyeing this I think! I do crave colour in the winter months. It makes me wear brighter clothes - not quite in the Zandra Rhodes league, but getting there. I'd love to have pink hair, mind.  I find it fends off the winter blues!  Another favourite this month:


 Always up for a terrible pun, I called it 'Crocus Pocus'! I haven't managed to grow any crocuses (crocusiiiiii?) but got crocus envy when I saw a beautiful patch of purple and orange the other day in someone else's garden. When gardening fails, dye yarn instead I suppose!


  1. Gorgeous yarn again! I wouldn't complain too much about doggy drool in the yarn, how could anyone possibly be angry with that gorgeous little ball of fluff?!

  2. Ooooooooooooh yummy yarn! And how could you tell off Trixie when she looks at you liek that?!

  3. Ahhh, she's a little sweetie, sooo cute:-)
    Loving the colours as well.

  4. lol :) it is hard to be cross with her - even when she gets me up at 1am and 5am she's just too cute to be cross with! Glad you all like the yarn :) ali xxx

  5. The yarn is gorgeous, as always! Trixie is absolutely adorable. She looks so innocent but I bet she can be a very mischievous too. Ros


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