Sunday, 22 March 2009

Heaps of Happy!

A few heaps of happiness* for you today:

Welsh tapestry smaller

They're my winter coats! I was putting them in the wardrobe ready for the next cold snap and thought the colours were amazing in the spring sunshine. I have eight different colours of these Welsh Tapestry coats. They're so cheap in the charity shops ("because they're horrid!!" I hear you cry), I can't pass up on one if I see it. Even if it's oversized and in a funny colour combination. I love them. They're made so well - made to last, unlike today's mass-manufactured coats which barely last out the winter. These have been going since the 60s and 70s, and will probably outlive me! Most likely they'll end up in the hands of one of my descendants, appearing on Flog It!, saying "I can't believe anyone used to wear this stuff!!"

Here's another heap of gert lushness:


A pile of Kaffe Fassett fabric. Yum. I'd like it to come and join my stash but it's a work purchase :-( which is great news for you, of course!! I am busy making sock knitting bags (bags for your sock knitting as opposed to bags which knit) for the shop. And  - BIG FANFARE!! - the shop is going to be open on April 1st!  It's not an April Fool's joke either. I kid you not! You can find the shop here. I'm sure I'll post between now and then. But to keep you going, here's the final heap of loveliness for the day. Yaffle Yarn!

Pile of yarn

*heaps of happiness and heaps of gert lushness are subject to subjective opinion and cannot be objectively guaranteed. The rate of lushness and happiness can go up as well as down. Resemblance to lushness either living or Ted is purely coincidental. Remember your gert lushness is at risk if you do not keep up payment of gorgeousness or other loans secured on it. Mices correct at time of going to bed.


  1. So excited about your store opening! Have already started to spread the word on Ravelry, shall add your website to the UK Sock Knitters list too :) Woop!

  2. Ooh you're going to do sock bags - I bought one about a week ago, dammit! Lovely colours though, can't wait for the store to open :-)

  3. Yayayayayayayayay!

  4. I love Welsh tapestry garments, too, and find them hard to resist in charity shops. My two capes are very much admired when I wear them out and about.
    Your collection looks lovely.

  5. What do you mean horrid - I love Welsh Tapestry and I wish my local charity shops had them. How about a Tapestry knitting bag?

  6. Ooh I'm glad I've found some fellow Welsh Tapestry collectors, Charlotte and Jane! I would love to go and see how it's woven. I think there is a museum in Trefriw. Charlotte - a Tapestry knitting bag is a good idea!! I do think some find it an acquired taste though :-D


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