Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Not what it seams

The neverending purple cardigan is nearly finished! Look!

Sleeve closeup

(needle plonked into knitting. it's not really doing a stitch, cuz that would be doin it rong)

I'm sewing it up. And I'm really not enjoying doing that. Do you find that you knit beautifully and neatly, only to really botch things up when you sew the seams? Hmm. I do. I don't really like all-in-one garments either because I end up over-estimating how wide my underarms need to be (I think that's the seamstress in me. Allow for seams! FAIL. It hav no seams.) and the last one I knitted deserves to be in an 80's treasury of batwing cardigans. Gah.

Pinned cardi

Franken-cardigan! Ugh! I can sew, I can knit. But combine the two together and it's a disaster! I'll carry on and just keep my arms by my sides so no-one can glimpse the seams when I wear it. I could start a whole new fashion. Maybe I should take up Irish dancing. And wear the cardigan to that.


  1. Its pretty! I can't seam properly, just can't get the hang of that mattress stitch. Must keep practicing it!

  2. Hope you've had chance to make more progress on the franken-cardi over the Easter weekend. Lookin' good so far ;)
    IKWYM re: the final sewing up. It's never so much fun as the actual making – I expect my newly-finished hummingbird cross stitch will stay unframed for a while yet... Like my fave Rowan cardi which remained in bits in a carrier bag for months before I finally got a life and got sorting those seams!


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