Sunday, 8 March 2009


Tiredness ruins knitting

I've rustled up this sign, and it's now going to stand 3ft high, on steel legs, in front of the television. Because without it, I'm doomed to spend more hours fixing my mistakes than actual knitting. (Or can I claim Un-knitting as a new craft? Because I do it to really very high standards)

It's the purple cardigan you see. I'm getting there, really I am. This is my most favourite purple cardigan in a long and distinguished line of attempts to knit purple cardigans. I only have the sleeves to knit now, so I'm not giving up.


It's got lacy bits in. Not complicated, mind-bending lacy bits, just evil, slippery lacy bits which lull you into a false sense of "hey! I can knit lace" and then turn around and spit in your eye as you forget one row of crucial yarn overs eight rows down and have absolutely no way of fixing it without ripping the whole lot back. gentle, manageable lacy bits which are a bit of a challenge but really quite simple.


Simple, see - I mean, 30% of this cardigan is made of holes and therefore, air! Easy! Except when I'm tired. Because it's at that point my Inner Knitter fails to remember to k2tog or SKPO or YO and instead, Inner Knitter thinks 'ooh I am now knitting a sock!' and makes hands carry on knitting every stitch. And Inner Knitter doesn't remember to check if I've done every row correctly until it's too late and poor, tired, brain has to make hands go back and try to unravel and put stitches back on needles without twisting, and then make hands re-knit with exactly the same mistakes in, but four rows up! I think I am in need of a nap...

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  1. I feel your pain. I don't think I can actually call myself a knitter as I spend more time unknitting (or getting you to do it for me!) than I do actually knitting. That said, I started a new project last week (using your yarn! I would call it Beetroot Cake Fantasy) and so far, so good.


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