Tuesday, 13 January 2009

This post is brought to you by...

Survival kit

...the healing power of Olbas Oil, Savlon and Andrex tissues. Sound familiar? Yep, I finally succumbed to the hideous cold that's going round. Try as I might to hide away from people, germs, civilisation etc somehow it managed to track me down and stick me in bed for 48 hours. My husband says I'm the only woman he knows who gets Man Colds. The cheek! 

Since I've not been up to anything creative (other than finding new places to hide soggy tissues) in the past few days, and I didn't think that an entire post about my symptoms would be very interesting (but a full list is available on request, for the mere price of a stamped addressed envelope), here's a random selection of stuff from around my room...


I've been designing and making some cute pouches for double-pointed needles. They'll be available in the shop (it's on its way - honest - we are having a few teething problems!) soon when I've made enough to sell! They're made with Heather Bailey fabric, and are fully lined, and they close with a cute button. DPNs, jug of threads and basket not included :-)

I made this chap a while ago now, but I haven't blogged about him yet. He's from a pattern by Ysolda and her elephant is called Elijah. I knitted him in some Regia cotton sock yarn (colour 4184, knit on 3mm) and I love how his stripes turned out! It is a genius pattern - I heartily recommend it as a fun knit. You won't want to give him away once you've knitted him though...I didn't!


Since I couldn't figure out how to do his eyes properly, he's got a bit of a wonky right eye, but I think it gives him a bit of character. (mistakes in my knitting = giving something character. Try it for yourself! "what's that weird flappy bit at the back of your cardigan?" "oh, it's character! I did it on purpose!")

Pencil pots

This view is right in front of the computer where I type. (and just look at the dust, eek, at least it proves I didn't stage the shot...) It's part of a ridiculously large collection of useless useful tins and retro pottery, hailing from places as far away as Barnsley, Keynsham and the metropolitan borough of E-bay! When does a passion for collecting turn into a sickness, anyone?

And no post would be complete without gratuitous dog pic.

Dog sulking

He wants to play ball. Or eat. Or go for a walk. Or eat. Or play ball. Or go for a walk. So he's sulking in this picture. I suppose I ought to go and play ball with him...in between sneezes and tissues!


  1. Your retro pottery collection - see the one on the right with the dark squares? My granny had a whole service in that design! That brings back memories! :)

  2. If you like retro pottery, the charity shops of Trowbridge are awash with 1970s tea sets right now. I keep looking longingly at them, despite being more 1930s than 1970s and never using the tea set I've got anyway.
    Does the dog eat tissues?


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