Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Notes from the dusty archives

Forgive me! Another non-yarn-related blog posting. I've not had any creative energy since the Man Cold arrived, so I've been pootling around with another hobby: family tree research. I don't do it much, as it can work out expensive if you haven't any firm leads and your family name is really common! However, the 1911 census went online yesterday and I was able to find a bit more about my maternal great grandparents...


(click to embiggen!) There they are. Harriet and George, with a baby called Harry (I think he may have been cast out into the unknown as I can't remember him. Mind you we never spoke about that kind of thing), and four lodgers, all crammed into 4 rooms (eeh, that were luxury when I were a lass, I lived in an armpit, etc, etc). They've yet to have my gran, Nellie. Here are some faces for the names.

Harriet and george

That's Harriet and George, my great-grandparents.

Gran and great gran

And there's my great-gran and my gran, Nellie (marvellous boots. I wear Doc Martens to this day, with everything. Wonder where I got that from?) Funny how Harriet, George and Harry as names, have come back into fashion, but 'Nellie' has yet to resurface.

My family were all employed in the cotton industry in Oldham, Lancashire and since we were the kind of family that never spoke about anything, and everyone's dead now (careless as well as tight-lipped!), I have to do my own sleuthing! I only wish I had the researchers they get to do the work on Who do you Think you Are, because I think this is all I'm going to have time to find out for now...possibly a good thing for you though, else I'd be raking through the archives for hours and this would be a family history blog. Hmm. Where's that yarn gone?

Multi-saxifrage patch

 ah, that's better!

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  1. Not Talking About It seems to be a Lancastrian thing - at least, there are about 50 billion taboo subjects within my husband's family. (Mine, on the other hand, will gleefully accuse each other of being descended from 'the one with syphillis' or whatever, and you can guarantee that if you don't want people to talk about something, it will be brought up at every family gathering from now until the day you die. And probably afterwards, although at least you won't have to hear it them.)


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