Friday, 16 January 2009

House of Idiot fashions

I've prescribed myself a short course of dressmaking to beat the post-viral blues and encourage me out of my tissue-strewn hovel. I've been inspired by watching repeats of fashion-house costume drama House of Eliott (on UKTV History every Monday if you want to join in) although my attempts at dressmaking are rather more like the French and Saunders version, House of Idiot and there's nary a bugle bead in sight, sadly :-)

Dress pattern

Profuse apologies for the dark pictures. I don't believe the sun has risen today. If it has, someone show it the way to Somerset?

It's Simplicity 3807 dress pattern, a short dress with cute puffed sleeves. The fabric is two metres of Kaffe Fassett stuff. It's just too good for cutting into patchwork pieces so it's going to be a crazy dress instead. It's become the 'broccoli dress' in my head as they look like stems of broccoli to me. And that was before I was taking the decongestant tablets. Let's take a closer look.

Dog tail

Definitely broccoli. Hmm, with a hint of puppy-dog tail, I think?


Inevitable, I suppose.

The pretty tin of pins I'm using is inherited from my late mum and gran. They made all their own clothes (and mine) and passed their skills onto me, so there's always the pair of them at the back of my mind (and in this case they're shouting "£9 a metre? Bloomin 'eck! what's wrong wi' stuff from th'market?") when I'm sewing. I blame them for my sense of fashion being a bit wacky too.

Pin tin

Right, better go and do the boring bit of ironing, pinning, cutting...and see if I can get round to any actual sewing today...


  1. Ooooh! Didn't you buy this fabric yonks ago at Country Threads? It's going to be gorgeous.

  2. Yes, that's right - you watched me part with all that cash for it ;-)
    Only just got round to doing anything with it! x

  3. Love your blog (and your dog)...made me smile lots


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