Monday, 18 January 2010

New Yarn!

I've just updated the shop. Here's my fave for this update...

It's called 'Bazaar'! It just reminded me of the beautiful colours in the Bazaars we saw on holiday in India. It also made me think of the Hindu festival of Holi, where you have lots of fun throwing brightly coloured pigments at each other. Would you get, perhaps, cake-throwing at a C of E party instead?! bah, our holy-days are so dull by comparison!
If you missed out on 'Carnival' last time, there's a similar one I've just dyed up:

It's called 'Northern Lights'. I've never seen those, except on the telly like. I'm not about to get all Joanna Lumley and go in search of them either. The cold was bad enough during the snow we had lately, never mind sleeping in a cave full of the stuff! brrr! Anyway, enough wittering. See you later!


  1. Hello there Ali! I don't believe there's more to tempt me this week. I think I may have to slip across and have a look at the gorgeous 'Bazaar'. You've got such an eye for gorgeous colour combos. Thanks for the kind comment on my blog, by the way. It was good to hear from you. Enjoy the week! Ros

  2. Such a funny thing. My pal Josiekitten and her hubby came for a meal last night. Guess what, she had snaffled a skein of your fabby 'Northern LIghts' too! Spooky! Ros


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