Wednesday, 24 June 2009


We've had our own Springwatch in the garden this week. There were blackbirds nesting in the hedge, and I'd been checking on them periodically from a safe distance to make sure everything was ok. When I checked this weekend, look what I found:


An empty nest! Yikes! I was crossing my fingers in hope that nothing bad had happened. And then I heard a little "cheep cheep" from the bottom of the garden so went to investigate...



A dumpy little fledgling, no tail, all beak and cute! I've heard it in the garden since then, so I think he's doing ok so far and hasn't fallen prey to the local cats :) Oooh I'm all Kate Humble with enthusiasm! Shriek! a baby blackbird! Will it survive?! Oh the drama!!

In non-Springwatch news...I'm busy dyeing a small batch of yarn for another update. You should see my hands this time...I'd also better get on with sewing some more bags since I've cut out all the pieces and they're waiting patiently by the sewing machine. Bah, not as fun as crawling around in the undergrowth looking for fledglings though!



  1. Ooh yay for new bags! I'm ready and waiting to buy my elephant bag now, so just let me know when it's up!
    I'm not sure you're allowed to put up new colourways though… it's not fair that there are already so many things I really really want! Intrigued by the special orders that appeared and disappeared though! xx

  2. Oh how sweet! I've just posted a similar blog myself, although we haven't seen the fledgelings yet. I've also blogged some of your hand-dyed yarn that I received for my birthday a week or so ago....... it's gorgeous!Thanks!


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