Wednesday, 10 June 2009


Purple liesl

Should've chosen a smaller coat-hanger perhaps. This one provides 1980's pointy-shoulder-reinforcements as you may have's quite a stretchy cardi, so it does fit after all. Which comes as a relief, as I spent hours on it. You know, the kind of hours where you're enjoying knitting and it's going well, but at the back of your mind there's a tiny niggling little knitting voice going 'it won't fit's tooooo small! bwahahah" and rubbing its hands gleefully. If a voice can rub its hands. (Well, if knitting having a voice, then it really can rub its fact it can make itself a sandwich and get a beer for me too while it's out there) Yep, that knitting voice. The one you ignore and Carry On Knitting (starring: Kenneth Williams, Jim Dale, Barbara Windsor, Sid James and Hattie Jacques) despite overwhelming evidence mounting in front of you...

Well, knitting, this is a poke in the eye for you! it fits! And I'm pleased with it. Maybe I'll wear it to Knit in Public Day. So I can be knitting in public while wearing 'knitteds' in public also!


  1. Ooooh pretty! I look forward to seeing it in real life soon.

  2. Ooh it's gorgeous. Is the pattern hard to knit?

  3. It's a lovely easy knit! The sleeves were a pain but I ignored the instructions in the end and just matched up the pattern instead. If you can do that kind of thing it's not too tricky! go on, make one!!

  4. So pretty and looks more gorgeous in person. I can fully understand why you want to knit one in every colour.


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