Thursday, 12 May 2011

Pottering about

I've been busy 'pottering' again. Well, I have to find something to do with the bits of pot I collect like an obsessive crazy lady find on my walks, other than my usual habit of leaving them in a pile in a saucer on the windowsill.

I may have bitten off (or merely nibbled) more than I can chew with my latest project though. I've chosen to cover the entire side of our bath in mosaic. I know. A squillion tiny bits of pique assiette to cut out and stick to the side of an enormous bath panel. Hmmm. What was I thinking?! It's left a fair bit of mess. Here's a bag of offcuts:

And here's the general mess of pots and bits of found china that goes into making the mosaic.

And here's the not-even-nearly-finished bath!

I ran out of tile adhesive part way through - possibly because of the amount I dropped on the floor before I could get it onto the piece of pot. As you can see it's not exactly the Sagrada Familia so I am sure I will finish it eventually (she said - wooo, wait what's that over there, some socks to knit? let me get on with that!). In the meantime, it just adds to the general eccentricity that pervades our house... something you may euphemistically describe as a 'conversation piece' eh?!


  1. Love your potty work-in-progress. That's a work-in-progress with pots not one related to toddler toilet training or indeed mad-capped ideas!
    Hope Trixie has been helpful in the pot selection process at least ;)
    Hugs, Ruth S

  2. Pretty potty pieces, cute:-)


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