Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Quilting with dogs

Oh good grief, I'm terrible at keeping this blog up! I've not been well (again) lately for one thing. I've become the reluctant curator to a collection of revolting chronic chest infections, one snotty grotty mess after another - so I've been really enjoying that. This has made every task akin to walking through treacle so I've not had the energy to write much or dye much, although things are getting a bit better.

I managed to get some photos done of my latest creation - I finished this strippy quilt top a while ago but only just got around to a) getting the camera out b) getting some sunshine and c) being well enough to get out!

It's a 'can't be arsed' quilt. No measuring, no pins, no neat assembly, nothing. I don't think there's a straight line in this. I used to sit for hours, years ago, measuring and cutting out squares and making perfectly formed quilts to other people's directions, but I felt really restricted, and very bored. So I stopped. I like to think one day I'll write a book myself, "Can't be Arsed Quilting"! "Can't be arsed to quilt? I couldn't either! That's why I sat down and wrote this book rather than finish that quilt!"

The other book I'm going to have to write is entitled "Quilting With Dogs".

For instance, imagine plain white sashing around those strips. And now imagine your beautiful quilt, the brilliant white contrasting with the pretty rainbows and how cheering on a rainy day, too - whenthedogcomesrunninginfromthegardenandjumpsuponthebed-aaaaaghtrixienooooooo!
You get the picture. So I chose a purple floral number. Florals - great for hiding a multitude of muddy sins!

Phew, well all that uploading of photos (with steam-driven broadband) and fighting with blogger has left me exhausted, a bit like Trixie! More quilting-with-dogs adventures later :-)


  1. lovely quilt lovely dog

    sorry you've been ill but glad you're on the mend

  2. Definately like your idea of quilting to your own tune, rather than anyone elses!!
    Love the colours - is it actually meant for your dog? Lucky dog!

    I was blocking a shawl yesterday and turned around to find the cat laid on it!!
    My fault for blocking on the table I guess!


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