Sunday, 3 May 2009

Woman, 35, in knitted pants horror

I'm knitting a shawl. A perfectly pretty shawl. It's Lehmus and you'll notice it looks beautiful on the designer's blog. But mine looks like this so far.


It looks like a pair of frilly knickers. Well, I mean, probably not the sort you would have in your underwear drawer of course. But a pair of BIG, LACY PANTS nevertheless. Got to love lace knitting, haven't you? For the pain, frustration and utter helplessness you feel in its holey little hands. Dear Lace, please stop torturing me and turn into something beautiful. Now. Before I lose the will to knit...


Hmm, okay. A bit more like that and I might consider picking up the needles again. Lace. It's not for the terminally lazy. I like a garment that I can knit, iron (yes, IRON) to the right proportions and then wear. Lovely lace. It likes a lot of hard work. Spraying and blocking, with special fancy-schmancy pins and a spray bottle (last seen in this house when the steam iron stopped steaming). Lace, O, demanding lace. Lace whose intricacies I only just learnt to keep track of by using stitch markers:

Stitch markers

(thanks for the tip, Rosee, it's saved me a lot of headaches). O Lace! I curse thy holey knitted face of horror! ahem. Cup of tea, anyone?

The dog finds the whole thing very uninteresting.


He was more interested in what he'd spotted.


A teeny-tiny toad in the garden. A baby I suppose. A toadlet! Look how small he is. And I don't have gigantic hands, in case you were wondering.


Toads, lace knitting...and here are some pretty forget-me-nots and a dandelion for your viewing pleasure. I love my forget-me-nots as you know. I like how my patch of them looks like a fieldful...

Forget me nots


Hey, who said "weeds" at the back?!!

In other news: YARN! I've dyed up a few skeins which will go into the shop this week, with more dyeing planned next week. I'm also busy making some bags - they're sold out at the moment, so I'd better stop gallivanting around in the forget-me-nots and get back to the Singer! I hope you are all having a lovely bank holiday weekend :-)


  1. Spraying lace?! I just leave it in some Soak for 15 mins, wrap it up in towel, try to get as much wet off it as possible, then pin it out on a towel. Leave it for a couple of days an voila! Lace! Thats probably not the right way to do it, but its been working for me :P
    Love the toad, so cute!

  2. Wow those bags are flying out of the door aren't they?! And yay for more yarn!

  3. forget me knots are gorgeous, don't let anyone tell you they are weeds. plus occasionally some of them will go randomly pink, and then they're even better

  4. Toad-ily great ;)
    Love the lacy installment - your colourway choice is delicieux of course!
    A good weekend for creating methinks. I was getting down to plenty of sewing (curtains - grrr) but also sock knitting (yay) and tasty fabric buying (mmmm.... Ah, another project to not get around to starting for at least six years...)

  5. Ooh your little lacy leaves look a lot neater than mine on my shawl! But I too am trusting to the wonder of blocking…


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