Tuesday, 17 February 2009


Bonus points if you have spotted that this is not knitting. This week, I have been mostly stitching and sketching:


If I don't know what to embroider, I'll muck about with pastel or paints for a bit, to a) procrastinate a bit longer and b) to try out ideas. In the City & Guilds courses (a grand total of two courses I took but never finished. That's another story), they taught us to use the sketches as starting points. I've been afraid of drawing for years, ever since I left school with a miserable excuse for a qualification in Art. When I did the C&G, I learnt that sketching and drawing were just a means to an end, and that your sketches weren't supposed to look like Dürer's. Which is just as well, really.


Knitting vs stitching: well, of course, you can't watch Corrie and stitch simultateously, so I can only say that I've heard but not seen recent episodes...whereas I can enjoy the full spectacle when knitting.


I'm not sure if I've finished this or not, so it's sitting in a frame but isn't on the wall yet.

Finished...I think

I think I'll keep going back to it. But there is the small matter of a purple cardigan that might just get in the way...


  1. I failed art GCSE! Don't let stupid letters on silly pieces of paper hold you back :) It hasn't stopped me drawing and making things.

  2. ooh, love your inspiring stitchyness!!! Great colour and texture - good enough to stroke...
    I have a collage piece like this that's half done (part way through I got a bit scared what to next). You've reminded me that I should dig it out and have a go!

  3. Love all of these colours and textures. Gorgeous missus!


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