Saturday, 20 September 2008

No sense of UGH!

Oh dear. I've been rummaging around the charity shops again.



I seem to lose all sense of 'UGH' when I go in there though. I mean, look at this.


It's an UGH, right? But behold! Add Photoshop electrickery and ugh becomes...


...a bit less ugh? I couldn't resist buying it though. It's the ugh-blind bit of my brain. That same part of my brain which says 'one day, the boffins will invent Real Life Fabric Photoshop and then I CAN change the colour! and world fabric domination will be mine!' (Seriously, there's a bit of my brain that is rattling about saying things like that. The nurses say I should take meds to stop it, but why bother when you can have so much fun?). And so it is that I now have a fabric stash (yarn stash later. Trust me, that is just too upsetting pre-watershed) ...which looks like this:


In the spirit of Felix's Messy Tuesdays concept, here's my Messy Saturday. Except it's like this Monday to Sunday. I've tried being tidy and ordered, but it goes against all my instincts. I like to see fabric in its natural state, not in ironed piles inside a cruel duck-egg-blue cage! Orderly bores me. As would ironing the sodding lot of it, too. So there it is. Can I find stuff? Yep, course I can, it's in here somewhere! Is it an ugh you're after? No, wait, don't go, come back! I know it's here somewhere, honest! Wait a minute, I know it's here...


  1. Oh dear, apparently I have no sense of UGH either. My fabric stash looks a lot like yours!

  2. Frighteningly we actually have some old pillowcases like the mustard floral one in our linen cupboard. For emergencies only of course…
    Love your stash though; I can only aspire to this level of UGH right now ;) he,he

  3. Messy is all a matter of attitude. If my clothes spend most of their time on the floor, it is clearly because the floor is the most useful and appropriate place to put them. If my knitting is scattered all over the living room, it's clearly the best place for it to be so I can find it. Putting it in its basket would be impractical.
    Mess: I redefinez it

  4. I have that yellow floral but in green! Also from a charity shop. I'm jealous of your stash.


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